Letter from a listner

Date: Feb 13, 2015

We are proud of our listeners!

Dear Ukhozi FM

I am so proud to be part of the 7.4 million listeners of the biggest radio station in Africa. Indeed “Luhamba Phambili” and it’s not just a claim but this radio station is good in everything. From its current affairs or news, morning shows, afternoon shows, to mention but a few, but not forgetting all the educational shows.

I write this letter as a proudly listener for 7 years now, who have enjoyed and benefited in many parts from the content of the different shows that Ukhozi FM has. However, one can notice that when I was mentioning the shows from current affairs or news, morning shows afternoon drive shows and educational shows I have deliberately left the sports show (Ezemidlalo). This is because the sports show, produced and presented by Irvin Sihlophe, has made me write this letter.

In my undergraduate media classes, I have learnt that sports can play a huge role in nation building but I have never had time to listen and watch sports until recently when I listened to the African Cup of Nations through Ukhozi FM. I want to thank all the presenters, commentators and producers of the sports show “Ezemidlalo”. They have covered everything that was happening in Equatorial Guinea. I did not feel the gap between my neighbour who has a television set and I who do not have. I really felt like I was in the stadiums at Equatorial Guinea. I have never stopped everything I’m doing to listen to soccer matches in my life but Ukhozi FM made their way in to my commitments and took my time. I listen to all the soccer matches until the last game.

I also want to show my gratitude to the station manager and the programmes manager and not forgetting SABC as a whole, for giving us an opportunity to access this big but community based radio station which goes as far as in deep rural areas of Kwamhlabuyalingana. I wish it can soon reach the 10 million listenership that the Marketing Manager, Mu Ngcolosi is quietly pushing for. To all the Ukhozi FM radio presenters and producers I want to say keep up all the good work guys and stay away from all the media scandals because people like us look up to you.

Thank you

Yours faithfully 

Sanele Gamede

Ndumo, Kwamhlabuyalingana


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