Nyusi Volume 2016

Date: Nov 24, 2016

“Jabul’uzibheke” is a new buzz phrase for UKhozi FM Nyus’ ivolume summer campaign this December.

Ukhozi FM is officially launching its 10th “Nyusi Volume” campaign, with the message “Jabul’uzibheke” reinforcing the significance of responsible living, the spirit of giving as well as family values during the festive season. This very same time is characterized as time where people have access to more financial resources than usual, thus leading to reckless spending, driving as well as excessive alcohol consumption.

As a public service broadcast station it is an obligation for Ukhozi FM to Educate, inform and entertain. Thus the station sees the Nyusi Volume campaign as a suitable platform to best echo the message about responsible behavior during the festive season.

UKhozi FM in partnership with the following local municipalities; Uthukela, Umsunduzi, and Harry Gwala District Municipality, will host “Nyus’Ivolume” events with build up Outside Broadcasts.

On the 3rd of December 2016, the Ukhozi Nyus’Ivolume will be at the Ladysmith Indoor Sports Centre, 10th December in Pietermaritzburg, and then on the 17th, the station will be at the Morningside Stadium in Ixopo.

UKhozi FM personalities and some well-known TV personalities will be part of the music events.


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