Sigiya Ngengoma

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A traditional music show – umbaqanga and umaskandi, characterise this show.

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09:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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Bheka Mchunu

Bingelela Mpanza

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We are all different in our upbringing however we all have/share a common difference which is culture, no matter how modern we are most of us we are still rooted in our culture. Sigiya Ngengoma is one of the maskandi shows that, no matter how far you stay or work, whenever you tune in from whichever side of the world you will always feel at home. Something about traditional music that makes one feels the love, humanity and contentment. 

Sigiya Ngengoma aims at retaining the heritage whilst at the same time providing contemporary association and more modern feel to the majority of South Africans living in urban area.



• Maskandi Music lovers 

• Lovers of Culture and Heritage

• Maskandi Musicians 

• Both Male and Female, (15-35)



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