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People are called to live their destiny but the question is always if they hear their calling and actually live their purpose. 
Selby “Selbeyonce” Mkhize is a unique distinction of living a purpose filled life in the revolutionary entertainment industry in South Africa. His all-round ability to dream, focus and adapt is his core root of becoming the most highly recognised and influential being in the industry that this country and the world could ever see and celebrate.

Selby’s humble beginnings and character was proudly raised by a strong woman and family in 1989 in Matoutana, as a child he has always embraced life and the world as a beautiful existence and journey in discovering where he truly fits in. This was not a difficult circumstance as his eagerness to learn, passion to succeed led him to where he is today.

Every door Selby has knocked on has always been a stepping stone, he has always gotten his way by humbling himself volunteering – which is a skill most young people take for granted , in his case its lifted him in a higher level of life at all times . After he matriculated from Mount View High due to financial limitations at the time he could not continue his higher level education instead he ventured in moving to Johannesburg on his own and joined a casting agency that offered training on Television and Radio skills. This opened doors to being extra’s in popular television soapies like Generations for which his commitment to respecting time and his role built his character.

A light was ignited in Selby’s dream – admiring all the stars he was amongst on a daily basis, his dream got bigger by seeing himself in their shoes and even how he wants to improve himself if he was placed in his role models shoes. That ambition led him to take his calling to action, coming back home to Durban he auditioned to be the voice of Gagasi FM breakfast show through recording an advert which was on stations high rotation . He offered himself to do recordings for KZN’s youth station as time went by his energy and talent led him to being part of the Gagasi FM family where he hosted gossip features and weekend programmes.

It was not going to stop there for Selby, being the enthusiastic and lovable character he again volunteered at Ukhozi FM as a contributor in a gossip feature on the weekend. His uniqueness and fresh approach to his content, management was enticed in the value his vivacious personality adds to the Ukhozi FM family. He now co-hosts the drive time show 3pm -6pm, Woza Nabangani Bakho with living legend of the airwaves Tshatha……..(surname) every Monday to Friday. Mkhize has never looked back since, his passion for trueness in himself and his listeners places him in position of being a world changer in the Industry .

Mkhize is a versatile being, this positions him to being a force to be reckoned with roles through Voice Overs, Presenting, Acting and Hosting Events for which he has experienced and successfully delivered. His positive attitude to life and people on a daily basis strengthens his ability to be an Independent thinker so he constructively contributes in all roles and opportunities at hand.

Selby “Sebeyonce” Mkhize  brings life to any listener through his talent that oozes personality.

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