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He is a multi-awards winner, Radio Personality and Motivational Strategist. His love of changing people’s lives started in the early 90’s. As a result, he pursued a course that equipped him to be a Professional Public Speaker, choosing a line of motivational speaking. He did International Course on Human Relations and Effective Speaking at Dale Carnegie Training, New York City based institution, presenting its programme in more than 80 countries worldwide. He sharpened further sharpened his effective speaking skills by working in different institutions and organizations, such as Future Leaders, Dolphin-Hlengethwa Consulting, and Ilembe District Municipality, where his communication skills helped in designing and shaping a communication strategy for this institution, during the transition from Transitional Local Councils to Municipal institutions, where he worked as a Public Relations Officer, and responsible for the communication of this institution, with other spheres of Government. 

He joined Ukhozi FM in 2008, from a provincial commercial station, where he helped to introduce and determine a full Gospel show, which was merely a mixed of love and few inspirational songs. When moved to the SABC’s number 1 Radio Station, Ukhozi FM, he took its Sunday morning show to be the number one Radio Show in Africa, thereby introducing 100% Songs of Worship, with elements of Motivational and Inspirational tones. 

The show has motivated millions of listeners to give and help the destitutes, through Listen to My Story feature. This resulted in a tremendous success of the show, as it continues to compete with great shows in the Radio Broadcasting sector. He is one the privileged Presenters in Ukhozi FM, to be trusted for one of the great and well respected shows in this station, i.e uNkulunkulu noMuntu Omusha, which marks 30 Years of Glory, in December 2014. 

This is a show that was presented by great Men of God, such as Reverend Hawu Mbatha, Rverend Ntanzi and Rev. Prince Vusumuzi Zulu, to mention, by a few. Sbu’s knowledge of Gospel attracted attention of World Gospel Powerhouse, which appointed him a Spokesperson, and a Chairman of SABC Crown Gospel Music Awards. 

He is an Infopreneur, and a Communication Strategist, and through his Companies extends a helping hand to those who cannot afford, which qualifies him to be among the known Philantropists, as the Chairman of Imvest Global Company, Imvest Media Group, founder of Sbu Buthelezi Foundation, and Provincial Chairman of Global Business Roundtable. He is well experienced in Corporate Business Strategies and Effective Communications. As a seasoned Entrepreneur, he also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Botatu Investment Group.


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